How to Market Your Casino


With its flashy decor and upbeat music, casinos are an exciting place to be. Guests mingle and socialize, while trying their luck at games ranging from poker to roulette. There’s no telling if the next spin of the wheel or hand of cards will be your lucky one, and that sense of anticipation is what draws people to casinos time and time again.

It was the healthy return on investment from Goodfellas that prompted Universal to greenlight Casino, a mafia epic starring the duo of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as mob bosses Ace Rothstein and Sam “Ace” Santoro. And while Scorsese doesn’t stint on the viciousness—a torture-by-vice sequence featuring a popped eyeball and sound-designed baseball bat beating had to be cut for an NC-17 rating—Casino is less about mafia glory than it is a cautionary tale about Vegas’s transformation from seedy underbelly to family-friendly theme park.

Consumers almost always trust other consumers more than brand marketing, so displaying positive reviews and testimonials on your website and social media is essential for casino branding. Using videos of happy guests and big winners is another great way to boost customer confidence.

Casinos aren’t just gaming floors, they offer a wide variety of services and amenities as well, such as luxury hotel rooms, cutting-edge technology, flexible event and entertainment spaces, and delicious restaurants. Your casino needs to be able to market all of this in addition to its gaming floor if you want to attract the right customers.