What is a Full House in Poker?


If you’re unfamiliar with the game of poker, then you probably don’t know what a “full house” is. This type of hand has three matching cards of the same rank and two of another. A flush is 5 cards of the same suit in any order, while a straight is five cards of a single rank. Other possible hands are 3 of a kind, which is a pair of two identical cards. If your hand has more than one matching card, you can get a two-pair, which is two of the same rank plus three unmatched cards.

In the classic game of poker, players place their chips into the pot voluntarily, although some variants have added jokers. The cards are ranked from Ace high to Ace low, with tens worth five whites, two-four-five-reds, and two-six-sevens worth two-sevens. In a standard game of poker, players “buy in” by purchasing chips that are worth the same amount as their opponents’ chips.

In some variants, players must contribute a pre-deal ante to the pot. This means that each player must place a certain number of chips in the pot equal to the sum of all previous bets. These bets are called antes. If a player has a strong hand, they can win the hand. If they do, the hand is known as a “push,” a winning hand. If a player has a pair of sevens, they are considered a “push.”