How to Earn Casino Comps


There are a variety of ways to earn comps at casinos. Some offer more expensive comps for large spenders, while others are cheaper and are meant for low-spending patrons. Casinos use customer service to encourage and reward repeat business and provide additional perks for frequent visitors. These programs, also known as comps, reward players for making larger bets and frequent visits. These perks, often free or discounted slot play or dining or drinks, are also valuable marketing tools for casinos. Moreover, comp programs help casinos develop patron databases that they can use for advertising and tracking trends.

Casinos spend a lot of money on security. Since gambling promotes thievery, scams, and cheating, casinos take great measures to prevent it from happening. Often, casinos have CCTV cameras to monitor patron behavior. However, people who are not familiar with gambling regulations are often tempted to take advantage of these measures. Generally, a person who is unfamiliar with the rules of casinos may feel intimidated when they first enter the casino.

Security at a casino begins at the ground floor. Employees on the casino floor keep an eye on both casino patrons and the games. Dealers and pit bosses are trained to watch for suspicious behavior. The dealers are trained to focus on their own game, but are also trained to detect when a patron is cheating. Table managers and pit bosses also monitor the table games. They look for patterns in betting and cheating, and each employee has a superior watching over them.