How to Design a Casino That Attracts VIPs


A casino is a social space where champagne glasses clink and locals mingle with tourists, offering a unique buzz that can’t be replicated. The excitement of the games, whether blackjack, poker, or slot machines, coupled with a cocktail waitress and the sound of people laughing together creates an experience that’s not to be missed.

Casinos succeed by encouraging guests to gamble longer and risk more money, so they need to be well-designed to maximize profits while providing a safe and fun experience for their visitors. Many casinos use bright colors, gaudy wall and floor coverings, and cheery music to stimulate their guests. Red is especially popular for its stimulating and euphoric effects. Casinos are also designed without clocks, because they want guests to lose track of time and gamble longer.

The majority of a casino’s profit comes from high rollers, or gamblers who wager large sums of money. To attract high rollers, some casinos provide VIP areas that are separate from the main gambling area. These areas often offer special comps, such as free rooms or luxury suites, and personal attention.

Consumers trust each other more than they do brands, so it’s important for casinos to emphasize positive customer feedback and testimonials. Display these on the casino’s website and social media channels. Some casinos record video testimonials from satisfied customers or lucky winners and post them on screens throughout the casino. They also encourage guests to share pictures on social media of themselves winning at the casino.