How Casinos Are Using Search Ads to Reach Out to Event Planners

Casino was a tense, taut thriller from Martin Scorsese. De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci were all fantastic, but the real star was the film’s depiction of the mafia taking over Las Vegas. With scenes involving the torture of a man with a vice, a car bomb and the murders of De Niro and Stone, Casino is one of the most violent movies ever made, yet it never lags or runs out of steam.

Today, casinos use a variety of tactics to keep customers happy and coming back. They often waft scented oils through their ventilation systems that make the casino smell good, and they use lights that are flashy and cheery to create a manufactured euphoria. They also often do not display clocks in their gambling areas to ensure that customers will forget about time.

In addition to the games and entertainment options, modern casinos are also perfect venues for weddings, conferences, corporate retreats, group lunches and family reunions. To attract group business, casinos need to employ strategies to reach out to event planners. For example, by using search ads on Cvent, they can get prominent exposure when event planners are searching for solutions in their area or sister markets. This gives them a chance to show their casino’s unique amenities and to prove that they are a great choice for the next big event in town.