Gambling Superstitions and Casinos


Proponents of a casino often cite the decrease in local unemployment that occurred after the casino opened. The fact that the local unemployment rate declined may indicate that the casino helped reduce local unemployment, but this claim should be interpreted in light of the state unemployment rate and other factors. While the casino may have contributed to an increase in employment, this increase may be the result of a natural business cycle, or a combination of the effects of changes in other sectors.

The most popular casino games vary by country. In France, for example, baccarat is the main form of gambling. French casinos are less likely to take an advantage than their American counterparts, but their advantages are lower than those of American casinos. American casinos, on the other hand, often favor craps and roulette for their big bettors. Many casinos in the United States demand that their advantage be less than one percent, but they also take a larger percentage.

While some players may not admit to having superstitions, many are aware of the effects of these beliefs. Some gamblers may change dealers if they feel the dealer is unlucky. Others might feel that the new dealer is using techniques to cool the game. In such cases, the player may resent the casino’s efforts to “cool” the game. Then again, they may have heard stories of casinos cheating the lucky players.