Casino – A Nostalgic Memoir

As a result, casinos spend a lot of time and effort on security. Staff members are highly trained to spot blatant cheating and theft, whether a patron is attempting to manipulate a card or a dice roll. Video cameras with a high-tech “eye-in-the-sky” monitoring system allow casino employees to see every table, window and doorway at once; they can also be remotely adjusted to focus on suspicious patrons. Casinos have even developed systems for spotting cheating or collusion among their own tables.

The most important aspect of casino marketing is making sure your target audience is aware that you have the games, food and entertainment that they are looking for. While the specifics of your business will change from year to year, there are tried and true marketing strategies that are sure to boost discoverability and increase revenue in the long term.

Like Boogie Nights a few years later, Casino conveys a sense of nostalgic regret for the criminality and brutality that once made Las Vegas an uninhabitable hellscape. But it is less a celebration of the good old days than it is a deep distrust of what will replace them. Even as Ace bemoans the death of his friends and coworkers and laments that the town will never be the same, he refuses to quit playing the game because, as he says, there’s no other way.